Line-up: Justin Wilson - Guitar/Voice, Matt Pittman - Guitar, Brian Pho - Bass, Todd Harwell - Drums, Tony Wann - Drums, Kristin Leigh - Piano, Gray Wilcox - Violin

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Story: The Numbers Twist is a group of musicians in Dallas, TX who began playing music together in 2005 after years of touring with each other's bands and releasing records for one another. Both drummers practiced with the band individually at first, then full rehearsals started taking place in less than a month. Rehearsals led to live shows and local festivals, and soon the band developed a small following with it's songwriting prowress being belted by the ultra-sonic percussive power led by the dual drummers.

Crafty melodies roar upon the front lines, cascading along pianos and violins being pummeled by a ferocious bass and searing guitars. A world fist consumed with religion and control loses an inch of it's grip on itself by the time "Faster the Dragon" has ripped it's through it's last note and "Tameless Haunted" begins creeping into it's drumbeat abyss.

An EP was recorded at Maximedia Studios in Dallas, TX, with Darrell LaCour and Randy Wressell, in June of 2006. The group revived the song "Enterfear" from Red Animal War's repitoire, as each core member of the Twist is a member of RAW, a band currently on hiatus.

Throughout 2007, TNT will be playing shows and recording demo songs for a full-length album due out in the fall. A more instrumentalized sound will accompany a new visual experience, as well as video documentation of the recording process and live performances that will find their way into your media channels. Enjoy this with us!

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The Numbers Twist : Imaginary Demons
Title: Imaginary Demons
Artist(s): The Numbers Twist
Label: End Sounds
Release Number: End 1014
Release Date: 11/6/2007
Available Formats: Digital
Other releases:
'2007 - Imaginary Demons
1. Faster the Dragon
2. Tameless Haunted
3. A Piece Youd Be Eager To Eat
4. Butterflies From The Fire
5. Cherry Made Of Chances
6. Visceral Beat Upon Beat Download: Visceral Beat Upon Beat
7. The Nameless Colors
8. Enterfear (Instrumental Version)
Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Numbers Twist are playing their first ...
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The Numbers Twist currently has no tour dates.
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Audio (MP3)

Download: Visceral Beat Upon Beat Visceral Beat Upon Beat
(From "Imaginary Demons")

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