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V/A : Ten Year Anniversary Sampler
Title: Ten Year Anniversary Sampler
Artist(s): V/A
Label: End Sounds
Release Number: End 1031
Release Date: 10/4/2011
Available Formats: Digital
Other releases:
'2011 - Ten Year Anniversary Sampler
'2001 - The Beginning of The End
1. True Widow - Duelist
2. The Mag Seven - Bring Me the Beard of Brent J. Cooper
3. Red Animal War - FFB
4. The Mag Seven - sedaGIVE?!
5. J. Charles & The Trainrobbers - Something Wrong (Previously Unreleased)
6. Saboteur - Throw It Back (Previously Unreleased)
7. Tumbledown - Let's Drink
8. Forty Winks - Whatever
9. The Mag Seven - I Drive Like Steve McQueen
10. The Mag Seven - Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform?
11. Ghost Knife - Soft Bullets
12. Death In The Park - Pitifully Exposed
13. Saboteur - Le Saboteur Produit Son Couteau
14. Red Animal War - Do You Have Any Idea
15. Dead Sexy - Metallic Blue
16. The Mag Seven - By the Time I Get Out of Phoenix
17. Death In The Park - Guided by the Starlight (Previously Unreleased)
18. Tumbledown - Arrested in El Paso Blues
19. Red Animal War - Partake the Venomi (Previously Unreleased)
20. The Mag Seven - I Am Locust
21. Forty Winks - Way Out
22. The Mag Seven - Back on the Streets... Tonight!
Friday, October 7, 2011
We are aware that the End Sounds Ten Year ...
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