Line-up: Sandro Amabili - Vocals, Guitar | Andrea Cristallini - Guitar, Vocals | Roberto Muzzioli - Bass, Vocals | Francesco Salomone - Drums

Hometown: Bologna, Italy

Story: Hours, days, Months.Time is what makes and takes people. Since 1998 four individuals born in the artistically flourishing Bologna, Italy have been attached to the hip. They are the embodiment of blood, sweat and no tears for they have traveled the roads less traveled to prove themselves in an ever changing Italian music scene which has recently been more favorable towards the blistering sounds of western Rock. From the clubs and stadiums of Japan and Italy to the communes of the Alps and the dive bars of the Midwest, the foursome has never given up and has always maintained the same output towards their growing fan base. Their sound has never changed with the trends but always with the time, their time. Influenced from classic guitar players such Andreas Segovia to the more blistering sounds on Guns 'n' Roses, they put forth each record all the is in between and adjacent: their current self titled release, recorded at West Links studio by Alessandro Paolucci of Raw Power, features back up synthesizer tracks that support and render their sound so dense and tight that any mundane sounds of the concrete jungle are drowned and replaced with the perfect soundtrack. Adorned by fans and press worldwide, the band has been featured many times in Italian music publications such as Rumore and Rocksound that has voted them best up and coming band of 2003; Alternative Press praises the band as one of the best non American bands along The Hives - The Hellacopters. This year Forty Winks have reached maturity, their sounds are yet raw and yet comforting, alternating ballads to pure energy they are great story tellers. After all we are all similar and will go through similar situations that we can relate to; Forty Winks give us the talent to express ourselves more gracefully in our hardships and joys. Their paths have crossed with Rancid, Velvet Revolver, The Darkness, AFI, Alkaline Trio As they are a staple of the biggest Italian fest, Independent Days Festival, held every year in their hometown. After various releases, the band signs with Wynona Records in 2003 and sells out their ep called Sweet Sweet Frenzy. Licensed to V2/Sony Music for Italy, Ambience Records for Japan and Suburban Home Records for USA and the UK, they have recently been openers on Italian tours for Blink 182. Twice in Japan, once in the United States, four times touring Europe with over 150 Italian shows, Forty winks are still eager and willing to depart form their friends and families and forgo many hours of necessarily sleep, only to return to those they have left with a smile and start all over again. The rest is history, sit back and enjoy the ride. Forty Winks are on fire.

Forty Winks : To The Lonely Hearts
Title: To The Lonely Hearts
Artist(s): Forty Winks
Label: End Sounds
Release Number: End 1001
Release Date: 1/29/2002
Available Formats: CD, Digital
Other releases:
'2011 - Bow Wow
'2004 - Sweet Sweet Frenzy
'2002 - To The Lonely Hearts
1. Anchor
2. Is This Just What Love's About?
3. Hug Me
4. Tomorrow
5. Every Single Doubt
6. To The Lonely Hearts Download: To The Lonely Hearts
7. 'Til The Moonlight Comes
8. Who Sets The Rules
9. Sick
10. One Time, Two Times
11. You're Crazy
12. The Big Turnover
13. To The Very Lonely Hearts
Wednesday, June 27, 2012
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are taking pre-orders for Forty Winks' ...
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Audio (MP3)

Download: The Day I Trusted You The Day I Trusted You
(From "Sweet Sweet Frenzy")
Download: To The Lonely Hearts To The Lonely Hearts
(From "To The Lonely Hearts")

Video (MOV, WMV)

Download: Forty Winks - Forty Winks - "Anchor" Video - Dir: Shane Drake
(From "To The Lonely Hearts")

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