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Broken Gold and CJ Ramone Tour - Spring 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 9:38:26 AM

CJ Ramone and Broken Gold are headed out on tour this spring. More dates to be announced soon.

May 18 Hole in the Wall Austin, TX
May 19 Three Links Dallas, TX
May 20 The Korova San Antonio, TX
May 21 Continental Club Houston, TX
May 27 Backbooth Orlando, FL
May 29 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Jun 05 Once Lounge and Ballroom Somerville, MA

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Broken Gold's Residency at Hundo Beach is Out Now!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 7:13:04 AM

Broken Gold's Residency at Hundo Beach EP is available now! Check it out and see the band on tour.

End Sounds Store
Google Play

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Broken Gold (Riverboat Gamblers, Slowride) Release Video Teaser for EP Residency at Hundo Beach

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 5:50:12 PM

We just posted a video teaser / EP preview for Broken Gold's Residency at Hundo Beach.  Watch the guys and hear clips from the EP here.

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Broken Gold EP 'Residency at Hundo Beach' Out March 18, 2014 via End Sounds

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 10:31:36 PM

Broken Gold EP 'Residency at Hundo Beach' Out March 18th via End Sounds

End Sounds is gearing up to release Broken Gold's second offering in the way of an EP entitled Residency at Hundo Beach. The EP, out March 18th is the follow up to the band's debut album, Recovery Journal, released on Volcom Entertainment in early 2011. Based in Austin, TX, Broken Gold consists of Ian MacDougall on vocals who also plays guitar in Riverboat Gamblers. Joining him on the EP is former Riverboat member Patrick Lillard on bass [Rob Marchant (Slowride, Saboteur) is playing bass in the touring band] Ben Lance on guitar along with Rich Cali on drums, who is also a visual artist and created the cover for the new EP. Sonically a departure from the Gamblers the band's influences veer more towards British punk and shoegaze than American Garage Rock.

MacDougall's take on the project: "I’ve always been demoing," he said, "and it wasn’t for anything particular, I just always liked doing home recording." That penchant for DIY music making was part of the impetus for Broken Gold. "I had all these songs that did not fit with the Gamblers," he explains, "songs that were a little slower and a little more like what I was listening to personally at the time…and then it kind of evolved into having more of a spacey guitar sound and was perhaps a little darker."

Forming in 2008 and releasing a 7" on the Good Friends label, Broken Gold was up and running and then suddenly stopped in its tracks when front man Ian MacDougall was in a horrific bike accident, hit by a truck going 50mph. Four months of intense recuperating and not being able to walk from fracturing his skull, vertigo, internal decapitation, a fractured wrist, a shattered hip socket and shattered ankle, Ian started to see through the haze of pain meds and at the suggestion of his physical therapist started to keep a recovery journal which became the theme and title track to the band's debut album.

Fast forward and fully recovered to 2014 the band started to work on new songs and their friend and producer, Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Rocket from the Crypt, Cat Power, Jets To Brazil, etc.) moved down to Austin and got a hold of what was going on with Broken Gold and agreed to produce and engineer their next release. For the feel of the new tracks, MacDougall said: "We wanted to do something that was more of a representation of what the band had evolved into, especially with the addition of new guitarist Ben Lance. Everything we were doing was a little more dreamy and reflective, kind of correlating with the kind of music that we all have mutual love for. The Smiths/Moz, The Cure, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr. Guided by Voices, The Replacements…all of those bands have always highly influenced us and were pretty on the sleeve about a lot of that this time around."

He talks about the songwriting direction of this EP:

"When came time to work on lyrical content for the songs I did what people usually do and just dug through my emotional baggage and picked out some of the greatest hits through out my life. It mainly focuses on just day-to-day living in your own skin, in your own head all the time and how you can figure out ways to get disappointed in decisions you've made. Frustration about things you feel like shouldn't have happened, getting older and realizing you have to snap out of peter pan syndrome sometime and having the worst time doing so.

We were all very pleased at the results of all of our combined efforts. I think this record is a proper representation of where the band is at currently and a look at what we can build on musically in the time ahead."

Broken Gold will be hitting the road this spring with dates to be announced soon.

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Broken Gold Sign To End Sounds

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 7:15:41 PM

Broken Gold, featuring members of Riverboat Gamblers, Slowride, and Saboteur have signed to End Sounds.  Their first release for End Sounds (the band was previously on Volcom Entertainment) is titled Residency In Hundo Beach and was produced by Stuart Sikes (The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, Jets To Brazil, Cat Power).

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